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Calendar: when and where extraordinary events occur on our High Altar

 All performances take place at First Cabin, unless otherwise noted




Friday  November 1st:  9pm - 1am

Saturday  November 2nd:  9pm - 1am


Friday  November 8th:  9pm - 1am

Saturday  November 9th:  9pm -1am

Friday  November 15th:  9pm - 1am

Saturday  November 16th:  9pm - 1am

Friday  November 22nd:  9pm - 1am

Saturday  November 23rd:  9pm - 1am

Friday  November 29th:  9pm - 1am

Saturday  November 30th:  9pm - 1am

"These guys are local legends." - The Scene

"I believe the three of us are agreed that we had an exceptionally good night last night. The audience was of the quality to make us play our very best. This is actually sorta rare, having the whole room on the same page. We always do our best under ANY circumstances, but last night's audience nudged us to reach a little deeper. From a performers POV, the ideal is to reach an energy level or quality where there's  no separation at all between the band and audience and everybody is making it happen. The whole place. That's how it felt to me last night. Thanks to all who were there."

-Fred Hammon 

"O'Brien's trio is one of the choice blues bands around today." - The Scene

First  Cabin

46 E. Huntington Drive | Arcadia | 626.446.2575

"Get yourself a drink, catch up on your conversation!"- Pat O'Brien

Full Bar | No Cover